I’m committed to helping you feel to heal. To gaining clarity and confidence from the inside out. To freeing yourself from the endless hamster-wheel of stress and frustration. 

Programs and courses designed to show you how to move forward with the certainty that comes when you reconnect with your authentic SELF.

Anne Wade Coaching

I believe we already are the person we long to become. She is WHO we are and always have been.

The “version” of us we seek has been inside all along waiting to Become Found again – maybe buried under the past or hidden by our memories and stories, but she has never left us. She is simply waiting patiently for us to reconnect, to clear out the cobwebs of old stories, memories, traumas, and habits. To feel through our bottled up, pushed away, or shoved-under-the-rug emotions. To reclaim our voice and author our stories.

Each course and program is designed to help you reunite with your own wholeness and become found again by WHO you are. Realize that your inner voice – your intuition - has value, wisdom, and power. Your past, your memories, and your stories don’t have to be burdens - they can be powerful catalysts for turning your desires into your reality.

Especially if your Number 1 desire is to be at peace with your Self.

You’re not alone. And you’re in the right place.

Stop letting your old stories, beliefs, traumas, and thoughts dictate your present and future. Imagine making peace with your past and reclaiming authorship of your own true story.

What do you really want and how do you turn it into your reality? Remember your DREAM, DECIDE the time is now, DARE to bring it to life, and DO what it takes.

For Your Daily Dose of Inspiration, Food for Thought, and Support, join our community of women just like you. The group is FREE so it is accessible to all women and PRIVATE so you’re safe to say or ask anything.

Everything you want and don’t currently have already exists for you just outside your comfort zone.


You have two choices:

   You can grow your comfort zone big enough to include your desires.

   You can shrink your desires to fit inside your comfort zone.

PS – Comfort zones are NOT always comfortable. They are just familiar – the same old habits and stories running on autopilot.  

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