Self-Care, Watchword 2018

My Word of the Year (Watchword) for 2018 is Self-Care. What’s Yours”

Self-Care, Watchword 2018My personal word of the Year (Watchword) for 2018 is Self-Care.

But not the chocolate and bubble bath variety that seems to pop up everywhere. That is only a teensy part of it, though pampering is vital to well-being. And chocolate probably is soul food.

My goal is a pioneering exploration into soul care, life enriching, boundary tending, and relationship nurturing. All the beliefs, practices, habits, and relationships that care truly and deeply for ME.

And YOU.

1. Do you have a Watchword for 2018?
2. What does Self-Care mean to you?

It's going to be a fun and enlightening year. XO

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