Soulmate Dance wishes publisher Anne Wade happy birthday

Today Is My Birthday – Thank You All for Sharing this Playdate called Life with Me

Soulmate Dance wishes publisher Anne Wade happy birthdayToday is my birthday - the first day of my 60th trek around the sun, the first day of my best year yet.

Fifty-nine was an incredible year, a joy-filled waking-up record-breaker in every way imaginable.

Over these last 365 days (plus a few extras to include one very special miracle) I’ve fallen deeper in love with Steve than I ever dreamed possible. I’ve experienced what it feels to be more loved and cherished than I ever dreamed imaginable. We’ve had adventures. We’ve had quiet times together. Always, always together whether or not we’re in the same room.

I’ve connected with an amazing writing/business partner who makes the process fun, fun, fun.

The extra days are to embrace the birth of my first grandson, amazing Little Man that he is.

And a personal biggie – a solid dozen years cancer-FREE!!!

Dreams coming true beyond my wildest dreams - that was the theme of my 59th year leading up to this decade-changer.

I’m taking a moment to pause in awe because truthfully all my years haven’t been like this. There were some really dark ones and lots of “asleep” ones and some that just needed a send-off party and one-way ticket out of town.

Folks speak of their “misspent youth.” For me, that conjures up a roller coaster of trying to fit in and please my parents to win their love which led to decades of running around looking for love, while at the same time trying to explore myself and find my own way. If you want the details, look in Webster’s under “messy.”

Birthdays have never bothered me – turning 30? Bring it on! 50? Shoot, that’s just the halfway mark!

This one doesn’t bother me either, yet I have found myself in contemplative moments. For the first time, there’s the thought that more of this life is behind than ahead. Once upon a time, 60 sounded old. Thankfully now that I’m here, it feels like yet another fresh start, this time filled with everything that used to seem just out of reach. The funny thing is I feel more youthful and alive at this point than back when I was young and burdened with doing the “right” things that are supposed to bring us happiness and fulfillment.

In hindsight, I am finally so very grateful for the struggles, the dead ends, the “mistakes” made over and over. I am so very humbled that this universe loves us – ME – so deeply and fully that it patiently and lovingly gives us every opportunity to heal and learn and awaken and fly.

There were times in this awakening process when a cosmic nap sounded like the prefect respite. (I might have even taken one or two.) Waking up felt hard and sometimes dreams appeared far more attractive than the pursuit of consciousness.

Thank goodness for the dreams that always won out and kept drawing me forward – lovingly, without ceasing. Thank goodness for my soul and soul tribe guiding from the wings while my free will had a play date with human life. Thank goodness for the gift of free will.

And all of it was to arrive at this place of knowingness – we are each perfect and magnificent and loved and cherished. Just as we are. Always.

So my one and only goal for the next 60 years is to abide in that truth in each and every present moment. It’s a big one, but with dear friends like all of you, it is not only achievable, it is a forgone conclusion.

Thank you for sharing the first 60 with me and here’s to the next 60. Party on!

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