That risk you are afraid to take could change your life

The Risk You Are Afraid to Take

Fear has been a constant companion for much of my life.

It started in childhood with parents caught up in their own struggles.

There was a reprieve of sorts in early adulthood, blithely believing the conventional choices would keep me safe.

It resurged like a tsunami in my 40s after realizing that the safe choices had not saved me after all.

So I took a blind risky unpopular leap into...something. I didn't exactly know what. Just knew it was a risk I had to take.

This isn't a story of one big before-and-after aha moment that changed everything in an flash. It's an ongoing adventure.

Be wary of those once-and-done stories. Yes, it can happen that way, but more often than not it slips up moment by moment, step by step, stumble by stumble.

It IS a story about realizing the life-changing value of taking risks, even the frightening ones. Of falling flat and realizing falling was better than not risking at all.

Still risking. Still falling. Still getting back up.

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