My Soulmate Dance with myself. What does that mean?

Gwen Orwiler – My Soulmate Dance with Myself

My Soulmate Dance with myself. What does that mean?“Soulmate Dance?  Hmm… what does that mean?,” I asked myself.  When I met the creator, Anne Fowler Wade awhile back in a Facebook group we instantly connected. The next thing I knew she asked me to write for her website.  WOW!  I was so excited! Then I started to write it...err…well, I tried to reword someone else’s words to write something.   I feared my words wouldn’t be good enough. The more I tried to reformat their words to sound like my own, the more overwhelmed I got…  The shame and embarrassment, that nasty little critical voice (sounded an awful lot like my mom’s) said, “Who do you think you are?  You can’t write!  And even if you do pull this one off, then you’ll be expected to do this again!”  EEEK!!!  I ran away.

Here it is, 4 months later.  Anne just checked in to see if I was still interested in writing for Soulmate Dance.  Well, I realized that this experience has given me a huge opportunity to do a soulmate dance within myself.

Her offer to write for her website set off a whole series of emotional triggers for me.  As an Emotional Freedom coach I’m able to use a tool called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or more commonly called tapping to help women entrepreneurs clear the blocked energy in their bodies that comes from past fears and help them stop subconsciously sabotaging themselves.  I recognized some of those fears in myself.

In the past 4 months I’ve done a lot of tapping for myself and I've cleared so much FEAR about the structure of my business.  The fear that putting myself out there, others would see that I was really struggling with my behind the scenes systems and processes.  Then I was able to uncover and take the emotional charge out of my childhood messages of the fear of “making a mistake and getting in trouble.”  That fear had been in my subconscious mind all these years and this was the opportunity I needed to clear it.  Since then, I've attracted several people my way to help clean up some of that infrastructure disorganization. Still a work in progress, but much closer to being in place. I feel much healthier and clearer about my business now. WHEW!! I'm still not a fan of writing, but not quite so triggered and terrified.  So, I owe my thanks to Anne!  Now I recognize that the term Soulmate Dance does not have to be about romantic relationships at all but about the Soulmate Dance within ourselves. The dance between love and fear that I totally connect with.    Now I have an even better sense as to why my tagline is “Fear is expensive… Emotional Freedom is priceless!

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