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Seeking Soulmates

True confession – Before my beloved came along in my mid-fifties, I had spent a good part of my life longing - and looking - for love. I always trusted that he was out there somewhere, probably looking for me as well. But over time, I realized that the best way to find your soulmate is to stop looking "out there" and to start focusing on becoming the mate your soul is looking to find.

The real secret of finding your soulmate is getting yourself ready for soulmate love. That was a huge epiphany for me with all my love and worthiness issues. It’s the “short-cut” everyone is seeking. Even if you have been working on yourself forever, there are subtle yet profound differences in working on your soulmate self.  Maybe you are down on yourself a little too much.  Maybe you are a little too set in your ways. Maybe your list is a little too rigid. Maybe your life is too crowded. Maybe you have some healing to do.

Unseen barriers come in many shapes and sizes. Seeking Soulmates is a lovingly supportive group dedicated to helping each other make our lives love friendly, truly open and ready to create a loving, devoted, romantic union.

12 weekly 90-minute sessions.  5 - 10 members per group.

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Protogenia Circles 

Protogenia Circles combine the best of Mastermind Groups with Life Coaching, integrating professional and personal development to produce a dynamic new style of life/work incubator for women. Our motto - Our businesses can only grow to the degree we are willing to grow personally.

Each Protogenia Circle is comprised of a small group of business women from start-ups to experts who agree to pool their wisdom, knowledge, and experience. Together, we encourage and challenge each other regarding our careers and lives. We explore options, discuss issues, brainstorm ideas, address concerns, identify solutions, and support each other with total honesty, integrity, respect, and compassion.

Circle members act as catalysts for growth and play devil’s advocate. They give each other feedback and offer accountability to stay focused and on track.  Your Circle becomes a supportive community dedicated to helping each member overcome obstacles, find creative answers, and thrive. Think of it as a personal board of directors. Confidentiality, safety, and integrity are guiding principles. Experience how much easier it is to take consistent action when you have support of a inspired group.

A Protogenia Circle is NOT a networking group or a leads group though both may occur organically. It is a group of 5 - 10 women plus facilitator who commit to meeting monthly for one year. They get to know each other, understand each other's issues and styles, solve each other's problems, and share experience and wisdom collaboratively.

12 monthly 2-hour sessions. 10 members.

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Cancer Conquerors

After the intensity of treatment, it is time for healthy healing - yet everything has changed.  Chances are you don't need therapy, but you DO need a plan. Though you can't go “back” to the life you had before, you CAN go forward and make what comes next even better.

Cancer is real, but it doesn't define who you are. Conquering Cancer honors where you are now and attends to the whole you. This goal and life-celebrating approach to reclaiming your wellness will set you on the path to healthy healing. Career, diet, exercise, relationships - you name it. Cancer Conquerors is about defining your whole life on your terms.

Conquering Cancer will guide you through this transition by helping you get in touch with what you want NOW, tap into the wisdom of others in your confidential group courageously conquering cancer, and create a plan to get wherever you want to be.

12 weekly 90-minute sessions.  5 - 10 members per group.

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