You can heal your past by changing your thoughts.

Because we mostly haven't been taught how to safely and effectively FEEL all those emotions (even though that's what we humans are designed to do), we try to think our way through them, then blame our thoughts for how we're feeling.⁠

Make peace with your past. Stop letting old stories, thoughts, circumstances, and relationships, dictate your present and cloud your future. Down-to-earth tools and practices so you know exactly what to do to start TODAY.

Why does it seem so hard to manage your thoughts and change your life? Because your thoughts aren’t where the story starts. Where do your thoughts come from? How do they turn into internalized stories that dictate your life from behind the scenes? What can you do instead? Learn how to make peace with your past without pretending some things never happened or didn’t hurt when they did.
DREAM of what you really want. It may not be what you think! DARE yourself to stretch your comfort zone. See your desires from a new perspective. DECIDE what you are willing to do. Take inspired ACTION.

Healing Tips, Inspiration, Food for Thought, Coaching, Classes, and Support, join our community of women just like you. The group is FREE so it is accessible to all women and PRIVATE so it's safe to say or ask anything.

There is wisdom and guidance in your triggers when you know how to work WITH them. Each card has an open-ended trigger statement or question. Example: “I feel guilty when_____.” Pick a card. What is the first thought, memory, or story that comes to mind? What's the primary emotion evoked by that thought, memory, or story? It may or may not match the prompt on the card because the prompts are designed to help you see your old triggers from a new perspective and guide you towards your healing.
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