Make Peace with Your Past...

…so it stops clouding your present and infecting your future.

I see you. You’ve read lots of books, maybe worked with a therapist or coach, taken courses or participated in programs.

You’ve worked hard to think positive thoughts and replace negative thoughts with better ones. All good stuff and yet parts of your past still weigh on you.

There’s nothing wrong with you and you are not alone.

Anne Wade Coaching
Anne Wade Coaching

It's Time...

You’re ready to make peace with your past without pretending some things didn’t happen or didn’t hurt when they did. You’re ready to lighten your load of old hurts. You’d love to turn those old wounds into stepping stones. You’d love to neutralize your recurring triggers.

NO more waiting. NO more shrinking. NO more excuses. NO more listening to the world tell you what you can’t do or who you shouldn’t be. NO more listening to people tell you your big dreams are too big. You are READY to set yourself free and create the life you know is yours to live. You’ve DECIDED you’re ready to make some changes. You’ve DECIDED to break out of your comfort zone. You are WILLING to face whatever needs to be faced and do whatever needs to be done.

NOW is your time and you know it.

What’s Your #1 Desire Right Now?

Whatever you desire already exists for you or you couldn’t been dreaming of it. So what’s in the way? Old internalized stories rooted in emotions you labeled, avoided, judged, suppressed, or stuffed because that’s what many of us have been taught to do.

What Happens in Our Private Personalized One-on-One Sessions Together?

  • We identify old stories that are still casting a shadow over your life.
  • We find the primary emotion(s) associated with that story.
  • We work through them together so they release their grip on you.
  • I teach you tools and practices you can use for yourself any time
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