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Make Peace with Your Past...

…so it stops clouding your present and infecting your future.

I see you. You've worked hard to change your inner story, the one that pushes you into people-pleasing and holding yourself back. The one that keeps you feeling stuck. The one that silences you and makes you afraid to just be yourself.

You’ve read lots of books, maybe worked with a therapist or coach, taken courses or participated in programs. You’ve worked hard to think positive thoughts and replace negative thoughts with better ones. All good stuff and yet parts of your past still weigh on you. And you're tired of livng out your old painful stories.

There’s nothing wrong with you and you are not alone.

Anne Wade Coaching
Anne Wade Coaching

It's Time...

You’re ready to make peace with your past without pretending some things didn’t happen or didn’t hurt when they did. You’re ready to lighten your load of old hurts. You’d love to turn those old wounds into stepping stones. You’d love to neutralize your recurring triggers.

NO more waiting. NO more shrinking. NO more excuses. NO more listening to the world tell you what you can’t do or who you shouldn’t be. NO more listening to people tell you your big dreams are too big. You are READY to set yourself free and create the life you know is yours to live. You’ve DECIDED you’re ready to make some changes. You’ve DECIDED to break out of your comfort zone. You are WILLING to face whatever needs to be faced and do whatever needs to be done.

NOW is your time and you know it.

What Happens in Our Private Personalized One-on-One Sessions Together?

  • We identify old stories that are still casting a shadow over your life.
  • We find the primary emotion(s) associated with that story.
  • We work through them together so they release their grip on you.
  • I teach you tools and practices you can use  any time and become your own self-healer.
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*Phone coaching requires US phone number or you can all me.

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Why do you do this work? It’s because of my own story that I feel compelled to guide others as they reshape and reclaim their own.

What sets you apart?  I grew up in a home where secrets, silence, and appearances ruled. Life taught me to work hard to earn approval, and try not to cause any kind of disturbance.  The result was striving to be invisible, then bursting out messily. This pattern, which continued well into adulthood, taught me to always be on high alert, scanning the facial expressions, body language, energy, and words of other people. Turns out, that’s a valuable skill for a coach and teacher. Being able to “see” things others can’t helps me guide my clients and students through their own healing.  

What are your qualifications?  My M. Ed. from the Cambridge College National Institute of Teaching Excellence focused on the psychology and physiology of how humans learn, collectively and individually. That’s particularly important for understanding how each person’s unique way of learning, thinking, and feeling impacts our relationships, behaviors, and habits to shape our internal stories, influence our lives, and create our narrative identity.

Our narrative identity consolidates our perceptions of our life experiences – reconstructed past, perceived present, and imagined future – into an internalized, evolving story of our Self. Because our narrative identity is an interpretation based on our perceptions about what our experiences mean and what they say about us, it is malleable, providing a significant opportunity for healing.  

My B.A. in English provided the initial foundation for this internal story work through the study of the monomyth, also called the hero’s journey, the central story of a hero or heroine who goes on an adventure and comes home changed or transformed. Life itself is an adventure. 

I first became intrigued by the commonalities and individualities of stories in childhood and have been fascinated ever since, devoting significant time, effort, and focus to exploring narrative identity, narrative therapy, and self-healing. 

I am also certified in NLP and EFT. 

How is your approach different? My ultimate goal is to teach you how to become your own best self-healer. I teach you effective tools and practices, then work alongside you coaching and guiding as you learn how to use them in your daily life and to make peace with your past.  

How often are the sessions and how long do they last? Sessions last 75 minutes which gives us time for greetings and goodbyes and still have an hour-long session. You determine the frequency, but not more than one session per week. Sessions are conducted via zoom. Where applicable, I provide homework or supplemenatal reading. 

I’m curious! What is the best way to get my other questions answered and see if we are a good fit? The best way is to book a consultation. Click the link below and schedule yours now. 

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