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Patti Stevens – I Moved to Sin City and Found My Zen

 Patti Stevens 2Yes, I am one of those blessed ladies who found love and a new life after a midlife divorce. But just as with my divorce, and my life now, I didn’t consciously plan it.

However, that divorce was the catalyst for so many changes in my life.

When I got divorced, I also sold my business, most of my household furnishings and decided to move across the country to Las Vegas with no job and knowing no one.

No idea why I chose Las Vegas, other than I wouldn’t have to scrape the ice off my car!

I was not a gambler, drinker or party girl and wasn’t looking for love. But there I was, in the party capitol of the world. Contrary to popular belief, I did not live in a casino. I lived in a normal apartment – away from the 24/7 craziness on the Strip.

I met my husband at a neighborhood party and we married a few years later. I had started another business but now, also, had time to do things for myself.

I went back to doing Pilates – something I had not had time for in many years. This led to a job teaching Pilates.

At the same time, I was practicing yoga but felt drawn to exploring it further. So I took a yoga certification course.

Both of these are not only exercise but so much more. It’s why they are called “mind/body” classes. They help you to learn about yourself and how the mind and body work together.

I had been a dancer so was familiar with how our bodies work. But this started opening up so much more for me.

It was about our spirit. Our energies. Spirituality. And how things worked from a metaphysical aspect.

Then I saw an ad for a Qigong workshop. I was immediately drawn to it. And it was here, in Las Vegas. Learning how to move energy sounded intriguing. It was a four day workshop and I was hooked by lunchtime the first day.

This was amazing - to be able to move energy thru your body to help it heal and stay healthy. I had heard about this but never experienced it. Plus, included in the workshop were lectures on using food to heal, spirituality, sacred geometry. And the meditation the last night had me flying for days!

A couple months later, I was a certified Qigong instructor. It was one of the hardest certification tests I have ever taken. Each move had to be performed with exact technique. But it was well worth the effort.

Things now were starting to come together for me on my new journey. And the best part was that my husband was so supportive and would let me practice on him.

Plus I started finding out how many energy healers there were in this city. Energy circles, drumming, crystals, and other energy and metaphysical classes were becoming a part of my life. And I loved it all!

One of our favorite places to go is the labyrinth at Red Rock Canyon. Most people will drive from one end of the canyon to the other. Or maybe find a hiking path. But hidden in a basin is a labyrinth that some people built. Between the energy from it and the energy from the mountains, you can’t help but feel calm after being there.

I wanted to expand on my energy work, so I started taking classes toward a Reiki certification.

Reiki is a non-invasive energy system which balances the physical, mental and emotional aspects of a person. It is based on the fact that we are made of energy and when energy becomes blocked in our system, it creates imbalances. Reiki helps to break up those blockages and can help our body to heal.

After a couple of years, I became a certified Holy Fire Usui and Karuna Master/Teacher.

But at the same time, I was finding more and more of my clients were asking about ways to be healthier and prevent the aches and pains everyone associates with aging.

So I started teaching classes about anti-aging, healthy eating, essential oils (they are natural remedies which give the body what it needs to heal and stay healthy emotionally and physically), ways to relieve stress, and going “green” with DIY products. And that led to working with clients on an individual basis.

I started helping women to create an Ageless Lifestyle.

Now it was all coming together. I could use all the techniques that I love, to help women live a healthy life – especially as they got older.

Plus I volunteer, offering Reiki, meditation and yoga, at a women’s substance abuse facility. I am able to introduce them to all these different modalities. And let them know that there is more to Las Vegas than partying.

Oh, and after meeting my husband we went to sailing school and I am a certified sailing captain! I moved from Michigan (the Great Lakes State) to the desert and that’s where I learned to sail. Go figure!

And the learning continues – next month I start courses on Seraphium Blueprint and will be getting certified in Trauma Recovery Yoga. So much more to learn and all right here in Las Vegas.

So the next time you see all those flashing neon lights on the Strip, remember there is a Zen side to Sin City!


You can connect with Patti by visiting her website http://livebalancednaturally.com/, check out her Facebook page, Twitter and catch her on YouTube.

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