The keys to a great soulmate relationship - resilience and respect

My Favorite Soulmate Story of All Time

The keys to a great soulmate relationship - resilience and respectThis is my favorite Soulmate Story of all time.

There once was an elderly couple who had enjoyed a long and happy relationship despite the fact that he was firmly atheist and she was devoutly religious. Instead of allowing their differences to tear them apart, they focused on the things they both enjoyed. Like taking walks.

Every week, they walked together to the neighborhood church. The husband escorted her to her favorite seat, gave her a little kiss, then continued down the street to a coffee shop where he read the paper and visited with his buddies.

After an hour or so, he walked back to the church, met her at her pew, and together they walked home enjoying the sights and sounds of the neighborhood. Sometimes, he shared a story he’d read in the paper or she shared a story from the sermon, but only those they thought the other would genuinely enjoy. Not once did either attempt to convert the other or belittle the other.

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Because they focused on mutual pleasures and pursuits, their marriage remained strong, happy, and healthy through all the ups and downs of normal life. They did more than survive, they thrived, sometimes in the face of genuine adversity. They chose to build a bridge of mutual respect and interest over what could have been an uncrossable chasm of difference.

The key to their success lies in the word “mutual.” Mutual respect, mutual interests, mutual priorities, mutual goals.

Soulmates aren’t “found.” They are created. Day by day, decision by decision, moment by moment.

Oh sure, there’s such a thing as attraction. And of course, we want to learn to mindfully attract and recognize compatible mates. That starts with us.  It isn’t about finding the “right” person. It’s about being the “right” person. Just as this sweet couple decided to do many, many years ago.

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