What is intimacy? Soulmate Dance answers a reader question.

Intimacy: Into Me See

What is intimacy? Soulmate Dance answers a reader question.Intimacy. Into Me See.

In a world full of distractions and disconnects our souls crave connection. We yearn for that cozy private place where we are safe and accepted just as we are. And yet...

What exactly is intimacy asking of us? Is it just being able to put fear aside and talk openly about our feelings, hopes, and dreams? How far does it have to go? Must we allow someone to come inside, into the sacred hollows of our beingness? Isn’t that risky? Must we allow someone to get so close that we get lost in their feelings, hopes, and dreams? Is it possible to get close enough to see something or someone or ourselves for that matter quite clearly without blending and fusing and losing ourselves? Is that what we really fear? Losing ourselves within the confines of intimacy?

Or instead, does true intimacy allow us to be neither completely swallowed up nor completely disconnected? Is it the ticket to that middle place where we are both observer and participant?

At the heart of intimacy is empathy, understanding, and compassion. There is respect for both our Oneness and our individuality. There is awareness that our individuality completes our Oneness. As we become more open to genuine intimacy, our misunderstanding of it dissolves and our fear of it dissipates.

And then we know connection.


Photo Credit: Everett Leigh

2 thoughts on “Intimacy: Into Me See”

  1. bravo! brava! bravo! the most thought provoking, compressed essay i’ve ever. i bow to the dance of your soul and sprinkle my thanks at thy feet enlightend.

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