Soulmate Dance talks about dealing with negative thoughts

Give Your Negative Thoughts a Hug

Soulmate Dance talks about dealing with negative thoughts
Image - John Rector

My negative thoughts need a hug. They are so misunderstood and aren't feeling the love.

They were sent as teachers in disguise and are miracles for my growth and enlightenment. But what did I do? Slammed the door in their face. Refused to accept their gift. Blasted them with denial and positive thinking AKA positive denial. Sent them packing instead of inviting them in to chat and so the opportunity to learn something valuable was lost. Oh, it will come again because we are loved so much that everything we need will keep coming until we are able to receive it.

Negativity and its twin, fear, exist so we can get a better look at the results of our choices, our actions and inactions, then make different choices, take different actions. Trying to positive think our way out of negative thoughts is like putting lipstick on a pig and thinking it will become something else.

Maybe instead of always trying so dang hard to be positive (to the point of being fake), we could embrace the negative. Hear it out, let it have its say, learn from it, and change directions because of the valuable information it has delivered. Once they've been heard, negative thoughts usually happily and voluntarily go on their way leaving us washed clean with a new nugget of wisdom.

Negative thoughts have been given a bad rap. Today, I'm treating mine to a little gratitude.

What are your thoughts on negative thoughts?   Won't you share them here?

Image - John Rector


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