If you knew what to do first, would you do it?

Desperately Seeking Catalyst

If you knew what to do first, would you do it?Interesting word, "Catalyst" …

In science, it is a substance that causes or accelerates a chemical reaction or allows it to happen under different conditions without being affected itself.

In life, it’s pretty much the same. It’s that random something or someone that passes through and catapults us into taking the action needed to get the result or change we want.

Is this you? You are weary of your job or your weight or your relationship (or lack of relationship), but can’t quite get yourself motivated to take the needed action, not even the first little step. So much easier to whine just a little or complain a lot or ignore it altogether.

Then some little something occurs, and WHOOSH, the spark is ignited and you wonder why you waited so long. Suddenly, your focus is laser sharp, your goals are being checked off fast, and your happiness meter skyrockets. You melt into a warm sea of gratitude. You are invincible!

You can wait for that random unaware moment when the catalyst shows up and does its thing, or you can bring the catalyst to you knowingly and purposefully.

If you knew it only took one little step to get the action train started so you could jump on board, would you do it?


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