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Life Changes Coaching Header 2bEscape the Life Changes Madness 9How Many of These Life Life Changes Apply to You?

Looking for love *** Rekindling your love *** Blah-ed with your relationship *** Breaking up *** Health challenges *** Major illness *** Menopause *** Retiring *** Changes in finances (Up or Down) *** Where will I live? *** How do I want to live? ***Empty nest *** Downsizing *** Figuring out what comes next *** Finding/creating an encore career *** Starting a retirement business *** Losing a loved one *** Caring for elderly parents *** Caring for the grandkids *** Finding yourself *** Losing yourself *** Re-inventing yourself.

You’re not alone!

By the time we reach midlife, most of us have more baggage than an airport. And that’s exactly when life kicks it up a notch with a pile of changes. If we aren’t paying attention (and sometimes even if we are), that baggage becomes self-sabotaging stumbling blocks that want to grow into mountains.

BUT isn’t this supposed to be our boldest, happiest time?

Let’s take a quick inventory to see where your stumbling blocks are becoming mountains:

Life Changes Coaching Categories Rank each of these life categories on a Scale of 1 to 10 where 10 is “I’ve got this!” and 1 is “I just want to pull the covers over my head.”

8 – 10: Congratulations!  You’re doing pretty well, though a little fine-tuning every now and then can keep things perking along nicely.

5 – 7: Some things are stirring that could go either way. Best to address them now before they take over.

1 – 4: Uh-Oh. You’ve got some mountains forming. Let’s get on it right away.

It’s in YOUR POWER to tame these changes and make 50, 60, and beyond your BEST time.

Life Changes Coach Anne Wade

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Who am I?

If we haven’t met yet (Hi! Let’s get acquainted…), I’m Anne Wade, former training and organizational development consultant to major industry, non-profits, small businesses, and solopreneurs. I was coaching before coaching went mainstream. (True story – the first time a prospective client asked if I did coaching, my answer was, ”Uh, I don’t do sports.” Turns out, I’d been coaching all along and calling it part of the consulting.) I've also created life-changing programs for Cancer Conquerors, Soulmate Seekers, and Business Owners/Managers. Now it's time to tackle mid-life and beyond.

But that isn’t why you should hire me….In my late 40s, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The cancer didn’t kill me, but the treatments nearly did. Then a trusted employee embezzled and died before things could get sorted out. So much for financial security!

In my mid-50s, I met the love of my life just a couple of weeks after committing to moving to my home town to help care for my elderly parents – mom with Alzheimer’s and dad (who is an amputee) with dementia. New marriage, new town, new responsibilities, new health challenges of our own. Then the kids started popping out granddoodles…. (OK, this one has been a joy!)

To say it’s been a gargantuan roller coaster of Life Changes would be a gross understatement. Yet, here I am. Still standing. And I’ve learned a thing or two.

I’ve always been fascinated by relationships, especially as they come from the heart and soul:

  1. The role of heart and soul in creating good relationships in all areas of life - people, health, wealth...
  2. How the mind works
  3. Habits
  4. Behaviors
  5. Beliefs
  6. The impact of family, friends, and life experience
  7. Resiliency
  8. Self-care and Self-sabotage.

I am my own best/worst client. This intense curiosity started in childhood and has only grown stronger over the years.

My M. Ed. is in adult learning and whole brain learning because – guess what? – the way we learn and process information tells us a lot about the way we navigate life.

What to expect in my coaching

First and most importantly – This is NOT a cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all program. Your needs, goals, obstacles, and strengths will determine what this coaching experience looks like for YOU.

We have lots to work with. There's my formal education and career experience, plus tons of additional courses and certifications. I'm a voracious reader with an insatiable curiosity on just about any topic you can name. (Never without a book - that's my motto! Literally carry one in my purse "just in case"!) And, of course,  my own personal life experience.  I’ve studied life coaching, NLP, H’Oponono, reiki, psychology disciplines (I am not a psychologist), relationship dynamics, personality types, brain health and flexibility, grief recovery, behaviors, and habits.

We’ll begin with a conversation about what’s on your mind, what you’d like to see happen, and how we get there from here.

Yes, your “stuff” can make for a murky stew. Yes, we’ll pick and choose the seasonings and flavors from all those goodies mentioned above to transform it into a tasty nourishing soup.

What Clients Have to Say

None of my clients are famous (yet!), but they say some pretty nice things about me:

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Testimonial 4

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Testimonial 7

Change happens every day. We know that and claim to accept it, but still get rocked by it.

That’s because every change, pleasant or unpleasant, brings both endings and beginnings.

Though it's normal and natural, it's sometimes challenging and a little help can make a big difference.

Even with exciting new beginnings we often feel wobbly. That could be the excitement of the unknown. Or it could be the loss or potential loss of whatever we had to relinquish. Or maybe  old fears and worries are rearing their ugly little heads. Whatever the reason, it’s part of the dance of Life. Our soulmate dance with ourselves.

Nobody ever told us that every change causes grief. As humans, we are programmed to grieve all our changes whether we view them as “big” or “small,” "good' or "bad." And even though that grief is natural, it may cause us to feel stuck.  The feelings are normal, but our skills for dealing with them are often not helpful and may leave us feeling worse than before. And that is just as true for the fabulous new job or dreamy new relationship as for the loss of a job or relationship. To your inner self, it’s all just change. Changes like:

  • Marriage, meeting someone new, or other exciting relationship beginnings
  • Divorce, friends moving away, or other relationship endings
  • Major illness – Yourself or someone dear to you
  • Changes in finances – Up or down
  • Career changes – Great new job or lay-off for you or your partner
  • Retirement – Yours or your partner’s
  • Empty nest - What do I do with myself now? Who am I without these responsibilities?
  • Becoming a caregiver - How do I handle these responsibilities?
  • Moving - By choice or requirement
  • Growing older - Growing up is optional
  • Starting a business - Exciting and terrifying
  • Death of a loved one - Their absence leaves a hole

You have probably been told to “Let Go” and “Move On.”  Ha! Most of us would do that if we only knew how!

Let's navigate your life changes together.

We'll explore your preferred future and define better ways to move through change, loss, opportunity, and transition whether from a recent change or one that occurred long ago. It's time to get back to joy!

Small Steps consistently taken always produce results....Today, you are one step closer.

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