Setting Your Soul Free to Love

Setting Your Soul Free to Love

Setting Your Soul Free to LoveWhat would happen if everyone decided to reach their highest potential? Fulfill their own soul’s unique purpose? And always work to the highest and best good of civilization?

And did it...

That thought is paraphrased from Cakekiel in James Gilliland’s channeled book Reunion with Source, originally published as Becoming Gods. It got me wondering, deeply and realistically, what a society that truly served the whole might look like.

We talk a lot about a life of service, whether that is directly in a teaching/coaching/serving realm or by bringing that sensibility to whatever we happen to do in this life. We rant and rail about the state of society, lament the lack of genuine leadership, complain about the negative power of corporations (Yes, I can be guilty of all of the above), but what does that mean we are actually nurturing in our own lives? If thoughts become things, what things are we feeding?

Choosing to be "For" Instead of "Against"

It’s all too easy to get caught up in protest. Don’t get me wrong – there is much that begs changing in our world. But protest is a form of “against-ness” which is negativity in disguise. By feeding our own negativity instead of practicing something better and allowing it to radiate out, we become part of the problem of proliferating anger and fear.

For years, I claimed to practice Mother Teresa’s policy: Don’t ask me to march against war, ask me to march for peace. It just made sense to expend my energies for something positive. Yet my practice was haphazard at best. I applauded my daughters when they traveled to Washington to make their voices heard against war. And I myself attended the March against Monsanto.

And that’s what got me thinking deeper. How did marching really make me feel? And I had to admit that while being “against” evil made me feel better in the moment, it also made me feel powerless, victimized. It made me feel like Sisyphus. (If you don’t know who that is, look him up. Bet you have felt this way at least once in your own life.) And most of all, it did not feel in alignment with Highest and Best, of my own potential or for the benefit of society. Yet I truly don’t want those guys to win! What’s an evolving soul to do?

The basic trouble with “against-ness” is that it feeds our anger, fear, and negativity. It prevents us from reaching our highest potential, becoming our best selves, and fulfilling our unique purpose. Bottom line, there’s no love in against-ness, and I firmly believe there is only love or fear.

Setting Your Soul Free for Soulmate Love

This has especially strong implications for Soulmate Seekers. Our soulmates are all those many individuals who show up, life after life, helping us return to the unconditional love that was our original state. They can be lovers, but are also family, friends, colleagues, enemies, oppressors, and victims. They show up in whatever form we need most to help us remember Love. If we are nurturing anger, fear, unworthiness, or against-ness even inadvertently, we will be attracting other angry, fearful, unworthy people. They show up to demonstrate what we don’t want and help correct our path which is a form of soul love, but they cannot bring the peaceful, loving, nurturing relationships we crave at our core. That can only be done through practicing peaceful, loving, and nurturing habits and beliefs in ourselves. Against-ness is not a part of this recipe.

I can hear some of you now. Without against-ness as a weapon, change will take too long. How can changing myself result in world change? The simplest answer is already a famous quote – Be the change you want to see in the world. Living your life based on loving and nurturing, giving and receiving both, is a far better change agent than all the protest in the world. Speak volumes by living FOR instead of against. You will open far more eyes than you dreamed possible, starting with your own.

What would happen if everyone decided to reach their highest potential? Fulfill their own soul’s unique purpose? And always work to the highest and best good of civilization? Peace would come in our lifetime, that’s what.

Cazekiel reminds us that life is a system of interconnected parts fueled by love, peacefulness, and freedom. Yes, freedom even to choose what to nurture in ourselves and radiate out into the world even if we choose anger, negativity, and against-ness. Free will is basic to human life. Yet only by choosing to serve others in love are we free to fulfill our own selves.

Who will you serve?

2 thoughts on “Setting Your Soul Free to Love”

  1. There is a huge difference between actively waiting and passively waiting. In active waiting, we continue living to our fullest. We enjoy growing and evolving. We love life just as it is right now even while being open to something else, perhaps even something we see as better.

    In passive waiting, we get bogged down in un-enjoyment,in lack, missing life in the moment because it doesn’t fit our picture of perfection, whatever the heck that is. Passive waiting robs us of life. The saddest part is that it also robs us of the love we so deeply desire.

    If your friend were to shift her focus to loving life, to living a life of service, and to stop looking outside herself for what can only be found within, the love she wants would stand a much better chance of finding her. If she can begin to see her time without her beloved as a gift of time to prepare for him, kind of like the life equivalent of taking care in getting dressed for a special date, she would be happier now and attract a happier mate.

    The key is always to shift our own thoughts and actions. The key is always within.

  2. You know, Trying to reach your highest potential is a good and wholesome idea, however sometimes it also can lead to the dead stop.
    Just few days back, friend of mine was talking about waiting for her perfect man. Of course, the keyword here is waiting…
    And in face of perfection we might only feel inadequate themselves.
    I love your advice here. Be the change you want to see. Looking forward reading more.

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