relieve stress with mindful yoga walking

To Relieve Stress Practice Mindful Yoga Walking

relieve stress with mindful yoga walkingAh, stress. It has been my constant companion for several years now. Some is good stress. Some is not. All is exhausting. And it's just part of life, especially as we get older. I can't eliminate the causes - nor would I want to - but I can relieve stress with mindful yoga walking.

Walking is one of my favorite activities. It exercises and strengthens my body. It relaxes my brain and stimulates creativity. It burns calories and stress. Mindfulness comes naturally, but adding a few yoga stretches has been a game-changer.

To make your walks healing and energizing, read this article on Mindful Yoga Walking...

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2 thoughts on “To Relieve Stress Practice Mindful Yoga Walking”

  1. Anne, thank you for this reading! This is how I walk, doing exactly what is suggested in the article. For many years I have enjoyed my morning walks and somehow I started incorporating these elements into my walk. With many years of yoga, breath work and energy awareness I guess I just naturally combined it all. When I don’t walk I genuinely miss it!!
    How about a group for mindfully walking!

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