Anne from Soulmate Dance tells the story of finding her own soulmate.

Steve and Anne – How I Found My Own Soulmate

Anne from Soulmate Dance tells the story of finding her own soulmate.affiliate disclosureI fell in love with Steve when I was only 8 years old. There was a little catch though – we had never met and I didn’t even know his name. Instead, I fell in love with the prophecy of him, then waited almost 50 years for him to find me.

A lot was happening in our family during my 8th year of life. Some was good like the birth of my cool little brother and some was frightening as my mom’s health problems began and my dad started toying with the idea of a career change. Emotions were running high and as the oldest child, I was often in the crossfire. Things felt unstable and scary. Nightmares filled my nights and nightmarish imaginings filled my days.

Then I had a dream. In it our elementary principle called me to her office, something that had never happened in “real life.” She motioned me into the room and pointed to the chairs across from her desk. I sat and she closed the door. Only then could I see the beautiful man seated against the other wall. He was silver-haired and handsome, calming and welcoming, exuding peace and radiating love. I had never seen anyone like him.

He began speaking, quietly explaining much that had been troubling my child’s heart. He said he was my true father and that my true mother had died, so he had sent me to live with this family until ours could be reunited.

Finally he said “And you will meet a brother who is not your brother, but who will be your soul’s twin.”

None of it made sense, yet it was perfectly comforting. As the roller coaster of life’s learning curve continued for the next 50 years, the vision of this dream would often console and soothe.

From birth, I had sensed the presence of Another who was both me and not me, a male who was part of me, but not in my life. I yearned for that love and approached every guy I met with the (usually unspoken) question, “Are you my soulmate?”

But being a great girlfriend wasn’t in my cards. Without a safe loving home environment, other needs drove my choices. I would jump into relationships quickly, desperately seeking any kind of love, then just as quickly lose patience when it became clear that this poor chap was yet another who was not The One. And yes, there was a tendency to create the same relationship over and over.

Since I had also not given up on someday feeling loved by my human family, my first 30+ years were a valiant effort to mold myself to their expectations. So I married my proper college boyfriend, yet despite having two beautiful children, a lovely home, nice cars, and a successful business, my soul was empty and starving.

Finally, I left that very suitable marriage and began a 15-year turbo spiritual quest. Those were my alchemy years. Then one day after lots of work on myself and kissing a few more toads, my beloved appeared as if by magic.

Though we had previously lived in the same town at the same time, we never met. We were traveling in different circles back then, each of us working on ourselves in our own ways in fits and starts. But thanks to that once-shared geography, we had gathered a circle of mutual Facebook friends, seeing each other’s posts and interactions. He friended me. We exchanged comments and struck up a message conversation.

Then came the first date – lunch. I walked into the restaurant, he stood up, and my soul immediately said, “Ah, it’s you” before either of us even spoke a word. It was just that quick.

Over the next three weeks, as he drove nearly two hours each way to see me, we discovered a wealth of similarities. We shared Metatron as our guardian angel. Our list of mutual interests was long and our spiritual natures were in sync. We were Seekers. We were curious. We were beloveds of the highest order.

Three weeks after that first date we were engaged. Seven months later, we married.

Almost from the beginning, we were bombarded with questions – How did you find your soulmate? How did you know he/she is The One? And on and on. Noodling on those questions blossomed into a personal blog exploring the topic of soulmates which quickly morphed into the Soulmate Dance project. Not only had we found each other, we had found our mission, the way we are meant to serve. Sometimes we’ll be writing, sometimes we’ll be sharing what others write. But always, we will be living the Soulmate Dance.

Come dance your own dance with us.

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10 thoughts on “Steve and Anne – How I Found My Own Soulmate”

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    1. Thank you! We love living it every day, love sharing the ups and downs, love the sense of navigating together. Personally, I think all soulmates share a purpose whether or not they are that special romantic soulmate. I believe all soulmates help us heal and awaken and move towards reunion with Source though humankind seems to have forgotten. Wonder what would happen in the world if more of remembered?

  2. Julia Goodloe Byrd

    Just received your Chicks with Checks email and have emersed myself in Soulmates Dance. A very Powerful Story. Could you tell me:
    1- what is a Soul Twin?
    2- is there a link to your past blog about the Evolution of your Soulmate story?
    I was married for 21 years. Gave yet to connect with my Soulmate. I’ve done a webinair with Katherine Woodward Thomas of 3 months. I’m inspired by your story thus far.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Julia,

      So good to hear from you! And thank you for your kind words.

      It doesn’t say so in this telling of our story, but I was reading Katherine Woodward Thomas’s book, Calling in The One (which is reviewed under the Book Club tab on this website) when Steve and I met. The book review shares that part of our story.

      Soulmates are everyone we meet including, but not limited to, romantic partners. Our soul twin is literally the other half of our soul from the dawn of time when souls were first created. Reunion with our Soul Twin in this or another lifetime is inevitable. For a more in-depth look at Soul Twins I suggest starting with “Soul Mates and Soul Twins – What’s the Difference?” at https://annewade.com/soulmates/twin-flames/soul-mates-and-soul-twins-whats-the-difference/ You may also want to click on my author page to see other posts on this topic.

      We’ll be opening our free member site soon and there will be lots of opportunity to discuss this and other topics.

      Welcome Beloved!

      1. Rebecca I share a similar past but with a haieppr ending. My mom was (finally) able to heal at least to be on the journey to whole and therefore, I am able to ask her all the questions you had to leave unanswered. I have not liked what she told me in some of her answers, but I am ever thankful to have been able to ask them. Her resilience and her reinvention has given me the capacity for my own. I’m going to go call her now just because I can.Thanks for the reminder. XO

    1. Thank you, dear Sharon. I am so happy and grateful that we have been brought back together. I missed you! SO much love,


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