Is it necessary to have relationships with all the types of soulmates?

Is It Necessary to Have Relationships with All the Types of Soulmates?

Soulmate Question - Is it necessary to have relationships with every kind of soulmate to reach enlightenment?Reader Question: Does a person have to have a relationship with each of the types of soulmates you list on your site to reach enlightenment? I know several people married for a really long time to the same person and it’s the only person they have ever been with. Did they just get it right the first time?

We automatically have relationships with all the types of soulmates just by virtue of being human. The media and pop culture have brainwashed us that the word “soulmate” only applies to romantic relationships causing considerable confusion. Actually, it encompasses all of our relationships because they each help us reach enlightenment. So while we will definitely experience all of those types of soulmates, they won’t all be romantic relationships.

Here’s  how I think the confusion happened. Warning - This may get a little woo-woo, but stick with me.

The Birth of Soulmates

When souls were first “created,” they contained both male and female energy, not male and female gender. Gender is a physical human condition and that’s a very important distinction. We confuse ourselves by attributing human qualities and characteristics to souls, kind of like we give animals human characteristics in cartoons. When most of us think the word “soul,” we “see” a human body, not some ethereal vapor or energy wisp even though a body is just the “house” a soul lives in while in human form.

In the beginning, a soul was neither male nor female in the human sense, but an entirely different kind of being that combined both feminine and masculine energy plus something that bound them together.

Does science have anything to say about soulmates? Maybe!

Think back to middle school science. Atoms are made up of protons, neutrons, and electrons. Each proton, neutron, or electron is a complete entity by itself and together they make up an atom, another type of complete entity. In a similar way, male and female energy plus whatever binds them together are three complete entities by themselves, and that combination made the original souls.

At some point, whatever had been holding souls together was ripped open and they were split into male and female energy components. (If you are interested in some theories on why that happened, check out What Is a Soulmate?) Regardless of the reason, the souls separated into male and female energy halves and have wandered through many incarnations, each half seeking the original matching part.

What About Those Long-term Marriages?

Being happily married for a long time, even a lifetime, does not necessarily mean you have met your Twin Soul. That wonderful spouse may be a Companion Mate whose job is to help you experience a warm and loving relationship. Companion Mates are often romantic partners and make excellent romantic partners, but they can also be family, close friends, or even colleagues.

Every single person who comes through your life, whether that’s for a moment or for a long time, whether you like them or not, is a soulmate of some kind. I encourage you to focus on appreciating each one for what they bring.

Finding your soulmate is an inside job. It happens through your own devotion to learning unconditional love, acceptance, and forgiveness.

There’s no need to worry about getting it “right” because there is no “wrong.” Every relationship is purposeful in its own way and embracing that concept is what draws our Soul Twin to us.

In the meantime, we all are Human Soulmates.

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