In Search of Your Soulmate. Soulmate Dance discusses finding your soulmate.

In Search of Your Soulmate

In Search of Your Soulmate. Soulmate Dance discusses finding your soulmate.The following is a guest post from Arshiah Parween, a freelance journalist based in India.

There are people who say there is no such thing as Soulmate. They say it’s a myth. That it’s a fairy tale notion. I say these people are in pure denial.  And I pray that they do not remain aloof of this heavenly encounter.

Soulmates do exist. Your Soulmate is a part of you…half of every inch of your soul.  She is as close to you as if she was created into you and you into her…beautifully blended into each other.

You do not have to venture out, one fine day, into the planet in search of her. Your Soulmate was and is always within you and will always be within you…whether you search for her or not.

This might make you wonder about her physical existence and how you might possibly meet her. Your Soulmate can be as close in distance as your next door neighbour or she can be someone living seven seas apart. Do not worry about this and be in complete peace. Have faith in the vision of the Creator. He has designed a beautiful future ahead for both of you together under his security.  All you need to do is regain the purity of your soul and when the Creator is pleased enough and when the time is right you will get your Soulmate like miraculous manna dew.  Yes you will!

The way your Soulmate will enrich your life can be done by no one.  In her presence you will experience pure ecstasy. You will feel that all of a sudden you have found all the pieces that perfectly fit into the puzzle.  Your Soulmate….She will be like an oasis in a barren desert and you will embrace her like a thirsty traveller.

Soulmate! Ah! She will know you more than you know yourself. She will give you the strength to change the world and make you feel as secure as a pearl in an oyster shell.

You have found your Soulmate but there might be few obstacles. Do not worry. The creator will help you like he has never helped you before. Is distance an issue? No worries. The creator will command the earth to become shorter for her to reach you and you to reach her. You fear being rejected?  Do not worry. The creator will make her heart melt the way ice melts over fire.  You fear she won’t be accepted? No worries again. The creator will make her the darling of your world.

With the help of the invisible hand you are bound to meet her dear. And when you will meet the nature will celebrate. The sky will smile upon you and the waters will dance. Your union will be like that of a mesmerising river with a vast ocean.

You are blessed…truly blessed. Do not disconnect with your Soulmate. Embrace her till death does you apart. Travel the world with her and learn together in the school called life.

Your Soulmate! In your union lies the answer to one of the many riddles of this mystical universe.


Arshiah Parween is a freelance journalist based in India. She enjoys writing on a wide variety of topics. You can view her writing portfolio at arshiahparween.contently.com

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