Can My Dog (cat, horse, guinea, pig, iguana, pet of any kind) Be My Soulmate?

Can My Dog Be My Soulmate?

Can My Dog (cat, horse, guinea, pig, iguana, pet of any kind) Be My Soulmate?Reader Question: Can my dog (cat, horse, iguana, pet of any kind) be my soulmate?

When this question was first asked, it gave me pause. Could we indeed have soul relationships with our pets? Then I thought of my beloved Callie Mae and the answer was crystal clear.

Callie Mae came to me as a gift from a colleague, a beautiful serene calico with the softest fur and clearest seafoam green eyes. She was usually a very tranquil kitty with one hilarious quirk. Every now and then, she would take off running and gallop from one end of the house to the other, doing a flip in the air as she turned around to gallop back. She liked to sit and stare at the wall, often into corners, as if she could see something the rest of us could not. She also liked to look me calmly in the eyes for what seemed like hours on end. I could feel her communicating and her wisdom was always exactly what I needed in that moment. In each home we shared, she chose a “petting perch” – a place she could hop up on and stretch out her neck, letting us know a little ear action was in order. In the 6 or so years we lived together, I only heard her meow once or twice. Sound was not needed for her to get her messages across. Composed, unruffled, peaceful, placid, elegant. In other words, not a cat.

The first time we met, there was an instant connection. My friend had rescued her and brought her into a home with 3 other cats, all of whom ostracized Miss Callie Mae. She would race to meet my friend at the door, then slink back into the basement like Cinderella when the other cats appeared, hissing and yowling. Yet when I visited, she braved the gauntlet to find her way to the second floor and hung out with me, shared my bed, and followed my like a puppy. It was love at first sight.

She had been named Callie because she was a calico cat, but quickly set me straight. In one of our first conversations she said, “I am Kali Ma, but now that I am a Southern Kitty you may call me Callie Mae.” I swear she winked!

Kali Ma had long been one of my guardians, a fearsome warrior who had often cleared my path. Callie Mae became my protector and muse, caring for me through a major illness and a major betrayal by a trusted employee. She welcomed me every time I arrived home and loved for us to hang out together. She was also a very good judge of character. Travel is in my DNA and she patiently drove cross country with me...twice...and flew with me once. She was so still and quiet on the plane no one knew she was there.

portrait by Susan FullerWhen my beloved Steve entered my life, Callie Mae checked him out and declared him The One. Shortly afterwards, she became ill and began to decline. After a lengthy stay with our kindly vet, we brought her home to our new house where we shared one last conversation. She told me that she loved me and had fulfilled her mission in delivering me to Steve. Her work here was done. In just a day or two, she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

From our first meeting, she felt like an Old Soul and one with whom I had shared previous lives. I've often wondered who we were to each other in those previous lives because the one thing I always felt from her was pure unconditional love. I came to the conclusion that she was always an angel in disguise, that soul who always showed up, life after life, to help me heal and awaken.

So yes, I do believe we can enjoy soul relationships with our pets. They may be angels or the spirits of those who have loved us before, but there is one thing always true with animals – their love is uncomplicated and if we pay attention, we can learn how to give and receive that same kind of pure love.


Callie Mae's portrait is by Susan Fuller of Minneapolis, MN 

4 thoughts on “Can My Dog Be My Soulmate?”

  1. My Tommy kneesox left behind his grey furr suit on April 7,2015 at 112 am – Everyone who met him loved him at first sight
    he was the sweetest , gentlest, most loving baby anyone could want
    He was truly one of a kind- i called him my muse and did not realize till 15 years later until after he transionated that he was and is the greatest teacher i ever had………….. he came into my life shortly after i was in a horrific car accident, and made the following years of bad luck bearable.. he was my reason to live…. The first day i met him , in my backyard i fed him but did not adopt him till the following week, he would not give up on me…… That first night he came in was magical, when i picked him up for the first time it felt like we had loved and been together for a lifetime already… after he transitioned he would awaken me and show and tell me some amazing things along with giving me many varied and amazing signs .. one of the first being “mom im comming home” my lovely baby hasnt given me many signs lately and so far i havent gotten any in july except for finding coins- he feels so close- Thomas my love i miss you and love you all the time

  2. Anne,
    Thank you so much for your sympathy and kind words. They mean a lot. What you said about our pets love being unwavering and unconditional is so true. And yes I was blessed to have experienced this type of love. Thank you so much and God bless.

  3. I totally agree. About 9yrs ago my family visited an animal shelter just to ”look”. My wife fell in love with a young black lab. I reminded her we were just ”looking”. She pouted like a child and I gave in. But we agreed that it was ”her” dog. After we took ”Cookie” home he would always watch and follow me, for the most part ignoring my wife. Over the next 9 years the bond we formed was closer than I had with any other living thing – bar none. He was my best friend. This past weekend I had to put Cookie down due to bone cancer. It was the saddest day of my life. I am fighting back the tears as I write this. I have no doubt that Cookie was my soul mate. Until we meet again my buddy….RIP Cookie – I love you!

    1. Dear Tosh,

      I’m so sorry for the loss of your beloved Cookie. The bonds we form with soulmates are incredibly strong and the ones we form with animals often have a particularly special element. Animals, just in being themselves, show us the truth of unconditional love. They can only see the best in us and their love never waivers even on our bad days. You were indeed blessed to have your wonderful Cookie for 9 years. Treasure her, the love she showed you, and the enrichment she brought into your life. And remember, the best way to honor her memory is to love others in same way she showed lvoe to you.

      In love always,


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