Becoming Found

Becoming Found by Love

My beautiful friend Mal Duane and I recently sat down to talk about the four questions that can lead us to finding love, nurturing the love we already have, and creating a meaningful fulfilling life in every way for her podcast Awakening Divine Wildness.

Asking good questions and learning how to listen to the answers is essential. We talked about the four simple questions can lead you to the love, relationships, health, wellbeing, and even wealth you desire. Our discussion goes deeply into understanding the key steps we need to take.

Mal's guests are leading visionaries in personal and spiritual development, success and mindset, health and wellness, and self-empowerment. She walks her talk having battled addiction and depression in her own life for twenty-five years. She believes women have infinitely more power than they are aware of. Her mission is to help them step up and become their most beautiful and authentic selves.

We had a blast discussing all things, Feminine, Wild, and Healing. Come join us!

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