Are Soulmates in this Life Souls We Have Encountered in Other Lives?

Are soulmates in this life souls we have encountered in other lives?
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Reader Question - Are soulmates in this life souls we have encountered in other lives? Is it true that you can be many things to each other in many lifetimes and that someone who is your significant other in this life could have been a sibling or parent in a different lifetime?

Personally, I believe souls morph in and out of human lives, taking on different human forms, roles, and personas, "majoring" in different aspects of awakening as they return to their original and natural state of unconditional love.

Remembering our way back home to unconditional love, our souls' original state of being,  is the sole purpose of human life, no matter how distracted we have become by all the life noise.

We are surrounded by talk of learning, becoming, changing, or growing. I think that's a little off the mark. Our soul already IS exactly who it is is. Human life is about remembering who we already are, not learning who we can be.  For me, that's a profound difference in perspective, not just an exercise in semantics.

As souls, we help each other with that remembering, incarnating together through each school of human life. We are all always teachers. We are all always students. Both roles are simply part of who we ARE.  All of human life is about relationships – with ourselves, each other, our bodies, our beliefs – so it stands to reason that souls embody these various relationships to help facilitate that remembering.

A while back, I wrote in a post titled What Is a Soulmate? that souls travel in “families,” small groups created together and sticking together, recasting themselves in different roles as needed for the awakening of everyone in the soul family. It made sense at the time, but there was something tickling the back of my mind, something that didn’t feel quite right. It felt like I was forgetting something important, something calling out to be remembered.

It was the part about families or groups that was bothering me. That implied that souls are separate beings, just as we perceive humans to be separate beings. Yet if we are all One (as I have long believed) how could souls be separate entities? Turns out, that is a question pondered by lots of good folks.

I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together. ~ The Beatles in I Am the Walrus

When I picture the ocean, I see both the vast totality and the tiny droplets that make up the totality. I picture souls and Oneness in much the same way.

Since I believe we are all One, it would make more sense that what we perceive as separate relationships are merely a way of experiencing different aspects of love, as well as the absence of love, as we reawaken to the pure love that is who we really are. It’s as if the Oneness is playacting, taking on these various roles and experiences to allow us to immerse ourselves in all the possibilities for the purpose of reminding us what love really is and who we really are.

When you look at it that way, of course the same souls (droplets) have played different roles in our various human lives just as we have played different roles in theirs. Picture this -  a droplet of water might be rain today, a lake tomorrow, a river another day, or steam rising from the pavement on another. And all those souls (droplets) bouncing around make up the Oneness (ocean).

We are continually birthing and rebirthing these immersions in order to remember and reunite with all that we are – unconditional love. To return to that state of unconditional love, our collaborative souls show us how to actively practice compassion even (especially) for the unlovable and unlikeable, being kind to unkind people, forgiving ourselves and others, gratitude for all that is (whether we perceive it as good or bad), allowing others to find their own way even when we vehemently disagree with their method and beliefs. That’s a foreign concept from a human perspective.

It’s popular to say that Life is a journey, but with all our talk of learning, growing, and becoming, we sometimes forget that we simply and gloriously ARE right now. We already are love. We’ve just forgotten. We can relax and enjoy our return to conscious unconditional love. Our many soulmates are on duty.

Love is who we are at the core of our being. We can’t change that not matter what we think we see happening around us. Our soulmates’ one and only purpose is to do whatever it takes to help us remember and reunite with love. To do so, they ensure that we experience all types of love – storge or affection, phileo or platonic friendship, eros or romance, and the ultimate, agape or unconditional.

Life purpose for each of us is to reawaken to love. How we go about it in each life is up to us, but the rest of "us" will be there to support in whatever way we need, to play whatever role we need. And we are all doing that for each other all the time.

Not separate beings at all and not stuck in static roles. Instead, we are a beautiful intricately interwoven tapestry, the colors coming together to collectively create the picture just as the droplets flow together to form the ocean. Because, you see....

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. ~ Pierre Teillard de Chardin

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