sandpaper people

Blessed Are the Sandpaper People….Loving the People Who Annoy Us

You know who they are. They excel at rubbing us the wrong way. They couldn't be more irritating if they tried. Who knows? Maybe they do try. They're awfully damn good at being irritating. Surely, being that good at something takes deliberate practice. They're like human mosquitoes. What purpose could they possibly serve other than messing up our day/week/life?

What if their purpose IS to rub us the wrong way?

Like sandpaper on fine wood. Sometimes it cuts deep. Sometimes it rubs roughly and painfully. It rubs against the grain to bring out its beauty. Its patina. The strength of its grain.

The beauty of fine wood remains hidden until sandpaper reveals it. Fine wood could not rise to its potential without sandpaper.

Blessed are the sandpaper people, for they rub us wrong to reveal our true beauty.

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