Where are you Hiding?

Where Are You Hiding?

Where are you Hiding?Is your sense of belonging dependent upon feeling in control?

When her husband offered her the trip she had longed for, instead of getting excited, Cynthia Occelli freaked out and realized:



All of this was code for: I don’t like it when I’m not in control.

Which is code for: I’m afraid of unexpected change.

Which is code for: Painful past changes have led a part of me to believe that if I control my life, I’ll control change and avoid painful future changes.

Which is code for: I’m hiding.

And that’s not what I’m here to do.

Are you hiding from your own heart's deepest desires?  The ones that could fulfill you and cultivate a deeper sense of belonging your life and by extension in the world?

Where are you hiding?

Cynthia Occelli gets raw and real HERE

He Asked to Take Me to Fiji and I Freaked Out: I Was Hiding

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